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Daytona Beach

Back at the farm in Hawaii one of my fellow workawayers was a cheerfully full of life girl called Dorothy who told me that when I was going through Florida I could stay with her.  So I have!  Dorothy’s been great, I have my room with a bed and she’s been taking me on drives around the area.  Blue springs park was absolutely beautiful, with clear fresh water emerging from an underground spring and flowing through the forest.  It was home to garfish, cormorants…and a dozen manatees!

Six and a half weeks ago I began my American road trip by dipping my hand in San Francisco bay.  Yesterday I strode into the Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach, completing my coast to coast tour of the USA!

Dorothy’s boyfriend Jeff is a bad influence on me!  We’ve been drinking, playing cards and taking hits from the bong a few times.  Usually I don’t get stoned from a bit of weed, probably not doing it right, but the bong definitely hit me.  Jeff takes the second amendment rights very seriously, he carries a gun in the back of trousers at all times!  Apparently when I’d got out the car in a rough ghetto area where their friend Linda lived Jeff had his hand on his gun in case shit went down…  ‘The areas where more people carry guns,’ he said, ‘tend to have less shootings’.  Uuummm…pretty sure that’s not true!  But anyway, I do actually like Jeff, he’s a good laugh.


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