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And now for something completely familiar

For the past year everything has been new; new places, new people, new experiences.  But I’m ending my travels in a place that I’ve been visiting ever since I was a baby, Grand Cayman.  I had only one night at gran and papas before heading out again to Cuba, but now I’m back for a good three weeks.

All my family has been here; mum, dad, Ed, Jess and Joe.  And now Dan and Linz live here!  Dan is now working in IT and they have a nice flat over near Smiths cove.  Seen all the local family too.  First time I’ve been able to meet my cousins Kelly’s new husband Serj, who works as a football coach.  And my cousin Jamie’s partner Julian.  Not sure when and how the rest of the family found out, but this is actually the first time I’ve realised Jamie’s gay.  They came round to Dan and Linz’s house while all the family was there.  No one in my family showed any hint of discomfort or judgement.  As it should be of course, but when you consider that all my immediate family are Jehovah’s witnesses and when I think to how they’re supposed to view homosexuality, it’s a refreshing surprise to see them seeming to be completely comfortable with meeting Jamie and Julian as a couple
Cayman is as beautiful and hot as it always is.  Been getting a lot of swimming in, both in the pool and the sea.  Saturday papa took the boat out with all the family on and we went swimming with the stingrays.  They look sinister but they’re really like underwater puppy dogs, just mind the tails.

Joe, mum and I went for a visit to the crystal caves.  I thought I knew everything to see and do in Cayman, but these are new.  Some local Caymanians have known about them for decades, but they were hidden out in the scrubland.  Only recently has it opened up to tourists.  Very pretty but expensive though, even when Joe managed to pretend to be Dan and get us all in for two thirds the price with Dans residency card.  Caymans always been expensive (tax is required on imports rather than wages) but it’s only this trip that I’m realising just how expensive!  Good job I’m staying and eating at my grana and papas for free and mainly doing free stuff like going to the beach.
My cousin Jamie has expensive tastes (he’s a lawyer, I guess he can afford to now) and we joined him at the Ritz for cocktails.  I started off my travels in the slums of India and are finishing it at the Ritz on the wealthiest Caribbean island there is.  And I like that, seeing all ranges of how peope live.

Joe, Ed and Jess left back to England yesterday.  I have over another two weeks here, so things are going to be much quieter.  I now have no excuses for putting off starting the online TEFL course that I keep putting off.


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