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I had to swap buses at Amarillo again.  I didn’t fancy sitting in the bus station for two and a half hours so headed out into town.  Amarillo is an uninspiring place, but I did find a bar I could sit at for a couple of beers.  Back in England I’d never go into a pub on my own, but here it’s OK, you can sit at the bar and if it’s not busy the barman will take the time to chat to you.

My bus got into Dallas at 5am Thursday.  Fortunately my couchsurfing host Zeke was already awake and messaged me the details of the bus to his.  So I was at Zeke’s place and ready to crash by 6:30am.  He also has the comfiest couch I’ve stayed on!
His housemate Marou worked at a Mexican restaurant round the corner, and got a message that CNN where filming there and they wanted more people in to make the place look busy.  I still don’t know what the story was about, but we got food and margarita’s, and even got a couple of drinks on the house when CNN needed to film some people at the bar!  Zeke turned up later after work.  He’s a cool guy, has hosted loads of couch surfers and takes the time to hang out with them whenever he’s not busy.
On the Friday I got a bus into town, where I discovered that Dallas is the city in which JFK was assassinated.  The building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot him is now a museum.  Naturally there’s people setting up stalls on the grassy knoll, trying to flog their conspiracy theory books.


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