king_of_apathy (king_of_apathy) wrote,

It's a fine day for hiking

Though also a very humid and sweaty day. I definitely needed a shower on returning home!

I reached this peak, sajabong if i'm reading that correctly.

And crossed the ridge to Hwangnyeongsan.

I don't know the name of this flower but it's beautiful.

amw This critter is the cicada I was talking about. It looks cute for a bug, with a noise like a shrill jet plane engine!
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Awww the cicada!
As insects go they're almost cuddly looking!
Great pictures!

I think that flower is a tiger lily:

I am really going to miss the East Asian flowers when i go on hikes. Maybe i'll find some local ones that are just as pretty.
Good spot, it looks just like the one on wikipedia!